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We help companies choose the right people for key positions. We also support you, our applicants, in finding the right position in an environment that fits. Thanks to personalised contact with both parties, use of our networks, as well as good intuition regarding people, we create solutions that are suitable, both professionally and personally.

We at Facts & Skills human resource consulting do not see ourselves merely as service providers, but rather as long-term partners and mentors for our clients and candidates.

In everything that we do we are, first and foremost, concerned with the people that we find. That's why we focus our extensive industry expertise on personalised service. Naturally we strive for sustainability, integrity, a systematic method and fairness. In other words, we strive to reach the highest level of satisfaction for our clients, both companies and candidates.

Our primary concern is therefore not to place those employees who appear the most skilled on paper, but rather to place the “right” people. The core of our consulting work is the assessment of candidates’ professional competence, personality, management potential and values; and we always have job profile and the social environment in mind. In our experience it is important to understand the individual perspectives of the company and the candidate.

For this reason, we sensitise our own employees and create a working environment within our company that promotes personal motivation, a systematic method and initiative through training courses, avocation benefits and transparency. Not only do our colleagues benefit, but our clients do as well. We cordially invite you to get to know us on the job.