Qualified and motivated employees are one of the crucial factors in any company‘s success. In times of increasing specialization and growing demands in terms of the knowledge, skills and dedication of employees on the job, recruiting the right staff is a challenging task and one to be taken seriously.

We, the team at Facts&Skills, use our experience and our passion to support our clients in all or selected administrative and organizational processes.


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Performance Recruiting



Advertising campaign

Thanks to our recruitment campaign on social media, we can reach your target audience, all with the help of precise data and algorithms.

This means that only those who match your search profile and are suitable for the vacancy will see your advert.

Passive candidates who cannot be reached via conventional job boards are also made aware of your vacancy through these campaigns.

Instead of directing the applicants to you from the advert, they are sent to the applicant quiz specifically created for your company, which showcases your company and the vacancy.


Applicant quiz

The applicant quiz allows us to see if the candidates go to the next stage.

We can use the quiz to see if the candidates specifically meet your individual requirements (“must have” + “nice to have”), and only those who meet the requirement criteria can finally apply in a few seconds using the contact form.

We then also initially contact the candidates by phone and gather information on the qualifications and experience corresponding to the vacancy as well as reasons for wanting to leave their current job and availability.

You will then receive the contact details and also, if applicable, the specially prepared applicant profiles of the pre-selected candidates to continue the application process.


Application form

Only the candidates who successfully completed the quiz, i.e. met all the requirements, will be able to see the contact form.

Requesting a name and contact details makes applying straight-forward.

Passive candidates in particular are reluctant to spontaneously gather documents and then simply don’t apply at all.

Using this recruitment method, we therefore convert passive candidates into active candidates and at the same time strengthen your employer branding.

For Candidates

We offer a completely free consultation with one of our professionals or add your details to our database so that we can contact you.

For Companies

We offer you effective support with your recruitment - in a timely and appropriate manner. Find the experts for your projects, on a temporary or permanent basis.

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